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Headquarters of PCI Herceg Fest are in the Park Hall, which was built after the 1979 earthquake and officially open on the Municipality Day on October 28th, 1987 (Borba’s Architecture Award – arch. Zivko Janjic).

Park Hall is a semi-functional facility intended for theatre, cinema and concert plays, congresses, symposiums and many other programmes.

The building has three levels. At the first level there are dressing and storage rooms. Specially adapted area in the southern part of the building houses RTV Herceg Novi. The middle level has a grand hall with a stage. This hall has 402 seats and two galleries (14 seats total), tone, light and screening cabin and a foyer with a ticket booth. Disposition of the stage with technical entrance and stage tech equipment enables performances of the most demanding programmes.

The main office of Herceg Fest is at the third level. A parking lot and an amphitheatre used as a summer stage are located next to the Hall. Park Hall lies between two town parks, to which it owns its name.

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